Joyce Life

Production date 2016
Product category Juice, made of freshly squized fruits

Joyce Life is a new company that brings to our demanding everyday life, four 100% natural and enjoyable juices.

With four flavors that everybody would love to intergrade in their daily diet, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Raspberry and Cranberry, Joyce Life brings as much energy and wellness people needs to their life.

Compass Rose and Joyce Life announced that they have concluded agreements following which Compass Rose will distribute natural fruit juices as well as any additional Joyce Life product to be developed, in Balkans and Cyprus.

Compass Rose shall be the exclusive distributor of all Products for the Territory of Balkans and Cyprus.

In first steps Compass Rose did a primary study focuses on survey of the competitors and the likings and disliking of people. The products were placed in small stores (bakeries, health food shops and pharmacies etc.) with a different branding to receive the feedback and realize the acceptance of consumers and to know the opinion of public before the development of the final products. Through this strategy, Compass Rose penetrated in the market and attracted bulk of customer.

For this purpose, Compass Rose have conducted SOWT analysis of the business to see the business’s strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats and also analyzed and explained the purposes, benefits, and objectives of the product. It was also paid special attention to the color, packaging, and price of the products. Now, a marketing mix strategy is ready for Joyce Life’s fruit juices.

Compass Rose will Guide in the right Direction one more project, one more Company.