Alpha Tessera

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Compass Rose and Alpha Tessera announced they have concluded agreements which Compass Rose will offer services to Alpha Tessera as Sales Consultant and will be responsible for providing pricing, feasibility, and consultation to clients regarding Alpha Tessera products and services.

Alpha Tessera is a trading and paper processing company. Particular is an importer, of copy paper, specialty paper, cartridges & toners for laser printers and last year is specialist in production paper rolls for cash registers systems & thermal paper rolls for fax and plotters as also scales – barcode labels. Alpha Tessera is at the time to expand the network of its clients in Greece & Cyprus as also to Balkans (Albania, Bulgaria, FYROM, Serbia and Romania).

Compass Rose will start by preparing a comprehensive, objective, strategic assessment of exactly where Alpha Tessera sales and distribution systems currently are, where they have the best opportunities to grow and how best to get them where want them to be. Compass Rose’s independent research allows Alpha Tessera key decision makers the ability to make the correct decisions necessary fo fbgr their company to grow successfully.

Compass Rose then will accompany the Sales & Market Research Analysis Report with easy to understand financial modeling, financial compliance and cost effective financial transaction tools. At the same time, independent legal experts will work to overcome the complexities of everything from International Trademark and Secure Transportation and Import Acts to developing Sales and Distribution Agreements in foreign countries and foreign languages.

Compass Rose will work to develop a strategically and operationally sound, effective and efficient plan for reaching Alpha Tessera sales and revenue growth objectives.

At Compass Rose, we have the wisdom, experience, passion and expertise to support Alpha Tessera develop a winning international sales strategy and execute on that strategy over the long term.