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SR Enterprises is active in China and especially in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong and is engaged in the import – marketing and promotion of products, merchandise and services in China market.

To equally ensure trade and production, quality and safe shipping of products from Greece and Cyprus, the company addressed and concluded a partnership with Compass Rose which would offer the following services:

  • Preparation and adaptation of products and services of SMEs Greek and Cypriot enterprises for export in China
  • Monitoring of all production phases. Verification of manufactured products in all production phases
  • Creation of special packages and labels for the smooth introduction of products in China (Brand Registration)
  • Ensuring the packaging of products to means of transport for sending and control of the shipment

The following action on behalf of Compass Rose is going to be taken for better effectiveness of the project:

  • A Study of the adaptability of products for export to China
  • Recording of competitive products in the Chinese market (technical and quality standards, certifications, legal registrations, etc.)
  • Packaging / Presentation (technical features, attractiveness, identity, etc.)
  • Competition prices in Chinese market (consumer prices, trade prices)
  • Evaluation of product acceptance (current and estimated future demand, expected sales price, size and packaging dimensions, etc.)
  • Direct export or create subsidiaries or Joint Company and Export through SR Enterprises (either through agents, wholesalers or distributors who will be designated)
  • Training promotions and advertising plans
  • Maximizing efficiency of electronic media
  • Support of exhibition participation
  • Cost Analysis Services and Billing of products for export
  • Distribution / Storage Support Services
  • Provision of Services in the Field of Real Estate and various investment projects, Works, etc.
  • Provision of Training Services – Training, Human Resources and Skills Certification either directly or through partner companies